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The HUGE and FREE Marketing Opportunity You May be Missing

Free Marketing Opportunity
I can so relate to the struggle that can be getting Google Reviews! Since I am building a new local SEO presence here in beautiful Fort St. John, BC, I thought I would share the importance of getting reviews and some tips on how to make your life easier to get them. Let’s dive in.

Google Reviews for small businesses are a MUST. I repeat, A MUST. If you do not have a Google My Business listing and are actively getting reviews you are MISSING OUT on a crazy affordable (aka free) marketing tool. I cannot stress this enough. Here is what you need to know about Google My Business:
  1. They give you serious street cred. Having a well-populated GMBiz with reviews lets potential customers know that you are indeed awesome.
  2. They are important for Local Search. If Google is gonna recommend you to people, they want to know that you are amazing and what you do. Getting Google Reviews is a simple and powerful way to let Google know you’re a boss.
  3. They majorly affect consumer behaviour. Time and time again, it’s been proven that having a well-populated GMB helps your business have better visibility, a higher click through rate, can help lower CPC (Cost per click) on ads, and helps to convert leads into customers. Win, win, win, win.
In the hopes of keeping this blog length manageable, let’s dive into some simple and highly effective ways to help your business get more Google Reviews. Whether you are a B2C with hundreds of customers a year or a bespoke B2B with just a handful, these tips can help you populate your GMB. Here are my top tips:
  • Choose one person in your organization to champion getting reviews. It may be the cashier, the receptionist, or the Project Manager who has built a relationship with the client. Whoever it is, make it an expected part of their role to capture reviews.
  • Make sure everyone knows the importance of getting reviews. Although it may be one person’s job to capture them, ensure everyone in the organization knows how important it is.
  • Drive reviews internally. Foster a sense of competition with a review getting competition. Set a short time frame and offer a prize.
  • Offer a bonus. While you absolutely cannot pay for reviews, you absolutely can thank your client for taking the time and for being a great customer. I always flip my clients a gift card to say thanks for taking the time- NOT for the review. Do you see the difference?
  • Lower barriers to entry. Sometimes, just getting your client to log in can be a difficult task. Consider getting a third-party Google Review terminal (I have some recommendations) or getting a dedicated iPad at the front counter. Your admin staff can get the client all the way to the password portion, which they can fill in themselves right before the review.
  • Capture the review right away. If they say they will provide one, ask them to do it right then and there (with perhaps a little gift card to thank them for taking some extra time in their busy day). Once they leave your business, getting them to remember will be tougher.
  • Send a follow-up. Life is busy. Sometimes, sending a text or email with a Google Review link later in the evening will allow them a moment to fill it out.
  • Think outside the box. Last but certainly not least, leverage your professional network for reviews. Contractors, business partners, and other people in your circle of influence who know you professionally should be able to speak to your services and business. Offer to exchange reviews and watch them grow!
Short story short (or maybe long story long), no matter what industry you are in, Google Reviews are a must. Go get ’em! (or don’t. I can definitely help you with it. Send us a message to see how we can help your business grow!)