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The average smartphone surf session is between 2-4 minutes. During that short burst of time, consumers check emails, post on social media, answer texts, play games, browse the net, and shop- to name a few things. So where does your company fall amidst all this, and how do you break through the chaos?
Don’t you wish you could get into the minds of your target demographic? Well, you can.
The most powerful way to keep your company in the mind, and pocket, of your ideal customer is through email marketing.
Best of all, it doesn’t need to be complicated, over-the-top, and full of discounts to be effective. But it must happen in your brand’s voice and at the correct times.
Life is busy, and your perfect customer may have intentions of booking your services or purchasing from you, but before they could, they were interrupted by a phone call, their children, or the train arriving at their station. Whatever it is, it’s not personal, and they need gentle reminders to return and finish their mission.
Email campaigns are those reminders. This effective marketing technique allows you to follow up with 1, 7, or 365-day-old leads with relevant and helpful information related to where they are at in their sales journey.
Captivating Content Creation
For email marketing to be effective, it’s critical that your brand voice be carried consistently from your website, social media, and print marketing through to email campaigns.

We can create:

Lead Magnets
Newsletter blasts
Follow-up drips
Sales campaigns
Post-purchase emails
Special offers
Sales cycle-specific content

Let Free From Mktg create compelling email copy and imagery that inspires your leads to take action.
Email Marketing
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Be There When Your Leads Need You

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Your leads will inevitably get interrupted during browsing, conversing, or purchasing with your organization. Beat the system with automated, relevant, useful, and helpful email content that reminds them you are here when they’re ready. Let Free From Mktg help you craft the perfect email nudges to help your business stay top of mind.