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There is nothing more important, yet baffling and frustrating, for business owners than their website. Like it or not, we live in a digital world, and 81% of your customers look at your website before purchasing from you, making it one of the most crucial elements of your business. So, what does this mean for the business owner?
Your website should be more than just a digital placeholder. Your website should:

Make an excellent first impression
Reflect your company and brand
Be intuitive and useful
Act as your right-hand man sales tool
Outside of this beautiful and helpful front-end experience, the back end of your website should check all the technical boxes to bring leads through the front door: One part science, one part art.
Although it’s tempting to make a website for yourself or get your Uncle Bob to do it for you, we encourage you to skip the headache and leave the vital lifeblood of your business in the hands of someone you trust. The success of your business deserves the expertise of professionals. Unless Bob is well versed in user experience, mobile experience, SEO, and the sales journey for your industry, then, by all means, have him send us his resume.

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Choosing who to work with for your web design is an important and ongoing relationship. We believe that through great partnerships will come great mutual success. Regarding great websites that convert curious leads into customers, Free From Mktg knows precisely what your organization needs. So, let’s connect and discuss your business goals.
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Things are always a-changin’ in the world of marketing and technology, but a few facts remain constant. One of these facts is that great web design is a necessity. So, if your company is ready to move into the 21st century in style, let’s connect and discuss your vision.
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